RTM homes can be custom built and delivered in and outside Manitoba

In this housing market, you might be thinking your options are limited. Either the homes you want are outside your budget or the homes within your budget are nowhere close to your dream home.

But, trust us when we say, your options are not limited!

This is what makes RTM homes perfect.

What Does RTM Homes Mean?

RTM homes means Ready to Move homes. These are homes that can be pre-made or custom-made to fit your specific dream home needs and wants.

However, they are often confused with other types of homes. Or homeowners don’t realize the extent of customization available to them with RTM homes.

RTM Homes are Not Mobile Homes

Contrary to popular belief, RTM homes are not a mobile home or modular homes. Those homes are often mass-produced with less customizable options and available features. In addition, mobile homes can be moved many times to different locations.

Ready to Move homes are built in one piece with longevity in mind. They are not meant to be moved multiple times as they are then installed onto a permanent foundation or base. Because of this, you have a wide range of customizable features available. They are made the same way as a site-built house would be or better due to the extra steps taken to enhance the strength of the structure for the move and with the same high-quality materials.

Pioneer Homes builds Custom RTM Homes

RTM Homes are Built in a Controlled Facility

However, similarly to mobile homes, RTM homes are built in a controlled facility and, depending on different factors such as time of year and specifications, the average build time for an RTM home is about 4 months.

This controlled facility enables the designers, construction manager, office staff, and the Pioneer Homes owners to keep an eye on all the details so you don’t have to worry about your time traveling to see the build, communicating with tradespeople, monitoring the quality of the work or coordinating the delivery of materials, etc.

Even though our Ready to Move homes are built in Manitoba, Canada, they are shipped to their final location either in other Canadian provinces or to some American states.

But the size of your RTM home could be swayed based on shipping requirements.

Building custom RTM homes for homeowners in and around Manitoba

Sizing of RTM Homes

When it comes to your dream home, RTM home sizes can range depending on your needs and budget. For Pioneer Homes, we’ve built many different sizes of RTM homes. Some have been as big as 2500 square feet and even including some two-story options. This all being said, we do have limitations on how big we can build, which is typically dictated by where the house is going.

Be sure to check out the building plans and criteria pages for more information!

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At Pioneer Homes, we believe that every home deserves the best care and attention so you can rest assured that this team, your team, has your back when building your new home.

Contact a team member of Pioneer Homes today to learn more about RTM homes and how your dream home can be achieved. Either book a call with us or fill out our form and someone will get back to you!

Until then, head over to our FAQ section for more details or to our Instagram for real time updates.

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