RTM home stationed ready to move to its final location

RTM homes, or ready to move homes, are a great opportunity for any homeowner to achieve their dream home. However, you might be asking yourself, what exactly are the advantages or the benefits of RTM homes?

They all boil down to 5 main reasons.

Move In When and Where You Want

One of the biggest reasons that people tend to groan when buying or building their dream home is that there are restrictions. These restrictions can be when the homeowner move in or where they can even have the home.

However, with RTM homes, there are limited restrictions since they are built in a controlled facility and can be transported almost anywhere.

Fewer Seasonal Restrictions

In and around Manitoba, winter is a big factor for doing anything with a home. The cold and snow often limit activities involving construction, renovations, or even home purchases.

Pioneer Homes builds our RTM homes outside, which means we are also watchful of the weather. However, since it is on our property, we are able to keep a closer eye on the building process. And because it is on our site, we are able to work throughout the winter months so when it becomes summer, or even spring, we can deliver your home to its final location quickly.

This ability to build during the winter creates less down time between the building process of the RTM home and moving into it versus waiting for the warmer months to build the home on-site.

Fewer Location Restrictions

And speaking of transportation, if you dream of living in the suburbs or a more rural location, RTM homes have fewer location restrictions. The main restriction that can occur to transporting your dream home to the site is if there are obstacles along route. For example, there could be big trees lining the road that could prevent the home from being delivered. Another example is that the road itself could be not wide enough to accommodate the transportation vehicle.

However, we work with homeowners to ensure that delivery to the on-site location is as smooth as possible. Be sure to contact us for more information about preparing your location for your RTM home.

Besides those few restrictions, we can send your dream home to the spot of your choosing from our construction site. All we need is an empty lot and the address!

Moving an RTM home in the winter

Everything is Planned and Outlined

This being said, it might seem overwhelming to work with RTM home builders. There are a lot of moving pieces, but the benefit of building an RTM home is similar to hiring a wedding planner. All final decisions go through the couple, but the planner does the leg work.

Building an RTM home is no different. From the designers to project coordinator to build staff, the homeowners won’t do all the heavy lifting – literally and figuratively. So all they have to do is enjoy the process – one of the major benefits of RTM homes.

Take Control of Your Costs

Part of this enjoyment is taking control of the costs. Who doesn’t like staying within budget and still getting all the features they want?

One of the benefits of building RTM homes is that during the planning phase, before actually building, the homeowners and the building team have several meetings to outline costs as well as desired features.

Plus, once all the details are approved and the final contract is signed, the pricing is locked in so there won’t be any financial surprises once the building starts.

An Established Team with Quality Control

Another benefit for building an RTM home is that homeowners will work with an established team that has built numerous dream homes for a variety of homeowners. Though every home is unique, Pioneer Homes’ established team has built enough that, together, we will accomplish your dream home.

Pioneer Homes team moving an RTM home in the winter

Make the Process as Easy and Convenient as You Want

These reasons make one huge benefit of an RTM home: you can make it as easy and convenient as you want.

Each phase of the process is outlined in a few meetings. These meetings can be in person or over a video call because discussing face-to-face (as much as possible) is always the best to understand what the desired budget and features are.

Start Building Your Dream Home

Contact Pioneer Homes today to start the building process. For more questions, feel free to check out the FAQ section or check out the building plans that our team has already accomplished.

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