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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose an RTM home over a site-built home?

RTM homes are designed to provide the customer with a home that is similar to a site-built home but is often built stronger so that it can be transported to the site. RTM homes tend to have a shorter turnaround time due to the fact that you can be building your foundation at the same time the house is being built and you typically don’t have the same unexpected costs as you might see on a site-built home. Additional benefits of an RTM home come when you are planning a project in a location where trades might be difficult to come by or the homeowner isn’t comfortable managing all aspects of the project while also maintaining their daily commitments of family and work. Check out our blog for more in-depth details!

What type of foundation do I need for an RTM?

You can place an RTM on either a crawlspace or a full basement.

How long does an RTM take to build?

Typically a new RTM home will take about 4 months to build, this is from the time we start building till the house is ready to deliver. Now depending on the size and specifications of the home the timeframe may vary, each project will however have a schedule that details the expected steps and the time to complete the project which the customer will have available to them at all times.

How big of a house can you go when building an RTM?

Our max size we like to stay within is 36’ wide and 70’ long. Though every project and where its going may be different so even though those are the max sizes we like to go, it does not mean that we can go that big for every project.

Do we have to use one of your plans or can we modify one of your plans?

No you don’t have to use one of our plans, if you’ve found something else you like or have sketched up your own idea for a plan or would like changes to one of our plans our team can work with you to create the plan that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Can you build a two story RTM?

Yes building a two story RTM is an option and there are ways to design it to keep the height down for moving purposes.

Can you help with the interior design process?

Yes. We have an in-house design team that can help you through all the aspects of your design as well as a full showroom of samples to choose from to customize your home.

Do you arrange for the transportation of the home?

Yes! We will hire and work with the mover to have the house picked up, delivered and placed on the homeowners foundation. It will be up to the homeowner to ensure the site is ready and adequate access has been provided.

What happens if the home is damaged during the move?

Even though this is highly unlikely, if there is major damage the homeowner will not be held liable, our movers are some of the best in the business and are fully insured. Should there be minor damage during moving Pioneer Homes will fix items needing repair.

Will the walls crack during the move?

Every RTM will likely experience some minor cracking of the drywall during the move. These cracks are cosmetic and do not affect the structure of your home. Once the house is set down we will schedule a time to have these cracks repaired and paint touched up.

What type of warranty do you offer?

Our homes come with a one-year workmanship and structural warranty. Additionally any manufacturer warranties will also apply.

Am I limited to just your plans?

Pioneer Homes is a custom home builder and while we provide a package of optional plans to help give you some idea’s we recognize that no two people’s tastes and needs are the same. Therefore we encourage you to bring in your own ideas and let our design team help create a home that best suites your family’s unique needs.

Where do you all deliver homes to?

We build and deliver custom homes into Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, North Dakota and Minnesota.

Will you come inspect the property to make sure an RTM home will fit?

Absolutely, we’re more than happy to come meet with you and check out where the house will be going, evaluate the accessibility, discuss possible hurdles and make suggestions to overcoming them. Additionally our movers will come out to inspect the route and site prior to the house moving to ensure everything is in order before delivery.

Who builds my foundation?

Building the foundation or having it built will be up to the homeowner to look after. Depending on where it’s going we may be able to help recommend some good contractors to connect with to see if they can help. Check out our blog for more in-depth details!

Does my home get inspected as it’s being built?

Yes all of our homes built for in Canada are inspected by our local building inspectors. All of our RTM homes going into North Dakota or Minnesota are part of a third party inspection program ensuring they meet the requirements of the state its going to.

Can an RTM be built with a garage or do you build garages?

We do; however, there are a number of things to consider when building a garage on an RTM. We need to consider the size of the house, the size of the garage and where it’s going so there are situations where we will build the house and garage as one and ship all in one piece. If the combination of house and garage are getting too large or the orientation of the garage and how it connects to the house (maybe the garage is angled off the house) are such that it can’t be moved as one we will move the house and garage in two pieces. The house as one piece and the garage as the second piece, typically delivered at the same time and placed together on site.


How are you communicating with clients?

Because of past border closures and the pandemic have made it more difficult to meet in person, we have been using more available technology to stay connected with video meetings, calls, pictures, videos, texting and emailing. We also use a web based construction management software which the customers have access to that help us to collaborate on the project more effectively. 

How do you manage client communication and expectations throughout the project?

We often get asked how we keep our clients connected to their project considering the distance between where they are and where the house is being built. Communication and flow of information is something that can seem overwhelming especially when you’re building something that has so many different parts. To help stay organized and connected we use a project management software that the customer has access to called Co-Construct where all project information, communication, selections, invoicing, financial tracking, change orders, progress photo’s/videos and scheduling is kept with 24/7 access on web and app based platforms. We always love seeing our customers in person and they are always welcome to come visit, walk through and see their home as it’s being built but the distance between us doesn’t always make it easy so this is a great way for them to have access to the progress on their new home at their fingertips as they go about their day.

US Customers

Can Pioneer Homes still deliver to the United States?

Yes we are still able to deliver homes to the States. 

Can we lock in the exchange rate?

Yes we can lock in the exchange rate to secure pricing for the project. 

How does it work when you’re delivering homes into the US and are there additional duties for delivering the home across the border?

Moving a home into the States works very much the same as delivering them anywhere else with the exception of a land border to cross. There is some specific paperwork that is required which we will look after and there are no additional duties to pay on the house.

Want to know more? Watch the video below to show you just how simple it is to stay in touch with us through the entire process of your home being built.