Frequently Asked Questions

What type of foundation do I need for an RTM?

You can place an RTM on either a crawlspace or a full basement.

How long does an RTM take to build?

From the time we can start building to the time we can deliver the house is generally around 4 months but can be contingent on the time of year and the type of plan and selections a person goes with.

How big of a house can you go when building an RTM?

The overall size of the house we like to a max of 36’ wide and 70’ long.  Every project and where it’s going may be different so even though those are the max sizes we like to go it doesn’t mean we can go that big for every project. 

Do we have to use one of your plans or can we modify one of your plans?

No you don’t have to use one of our plans, if you’ve found something else you like or have sketched up your own idea for a plan or would like changes to one of our plans our team can work with you to create the plan that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Can you build a two story RTM?

Yes building a two story RTM is an option and there are ways to design it to keep the height down for moving purposes.

Can you help with the interior design process?

Yes we have a team of interior decorators and cabinetry designers that can help you through all aspects of your design and selections as well as a full showroom of interior design items.

RTM Homes | Do you arrange for the transportation of the home?

Yes we will look after the moving of the RTM home and all paperwork for homes enter the US.

US Customers

US Customer | Can Pioneer Homes still deliver to the United States?

Yes we are still able to deliver homes to the states. 

US Customers  |  Can we lock in the exchange rate?

Yes we can lock in the exchange rate to secure pricing for the project. 


How are you communicating with your US customers during the border closure?

Because the border closure has made it more difficult to meet in person so we have been using more of the technologies available to us to stay connected with video meetings, calls, pictures, videos, texting and emailing.  We also use a web based construction management software which the customers have access to that help us to collaborate on the project more effectively. 

Want to know more? Watch the video below to show you just how simple it is to stay in touch with us through the entire process of your home being built.